Hello I'm Emma- I'm 17- I am the dancing queen.
Welcome to my blog. Please grab a cup of tea on your way in and make yourself at home. Sorry that it's all in a bit of a kerfuffle, I've been to busy crying over fictional characters to get around to fixing it.


tall people: if we are walking together please take into consideration my tiny legs. i cant keep up with you. please think of my tiny legs i dont want to be jogging to keep up with your leisurely stroll you TITANS


d e a d


Sansa Stark Appreciation Week: Day 1 - Favorite quotes (1/3)

I am not your daughter, she thought. I am Sansa Stark, Lord Eddard’s daughter and Lady Catelyn’s, the blood of Winterfell.
A Feast for Crows, Sansa I


You know that one song in an album you always skip over and then when you decide to listen to it ur like well holy fuck me


do ya ever bring your pet up to a mirror and ur like “that you”

Liam recently said that you continually say inappropriate things to him


"i’m 10% german, 14% danish, 15% norwegian, 7% …"


default album art
Song: Without Love
Artist: Hairspray Cast
Album: Hairspray Soundtrack to the Motion Picture
Plays: 9,319


Hairspray - “Without Love”

However scared you are, Clara, the man you’re with right now, the man I hope you are with, believe me, he is more scared than anything you can imagine right now and he… he needs you.

Women of the Revolution